Tender Power


Those blissful whites of joy drop
Do truly bring us make-believe

Those flakes of dusted purity
They do bewitch our sanity

They make you feel like gold
Their nature, ever cold!

They flow as they have ever
We plow and we know never;

What the piles of falling white
Have brought us down from far above

Some delight into the night
Of our darkened, blurry plight

This sweetness of an era
Through a timeless century

This blissfulness of glory
One of ancient history

They bring us down of godliness
They take our spirits high

They make us make-believe
All we’ve fought for down beneath

They bring us curves and liquid light
They make us take the flight

Those blissful whites of joy drop
Bring us tenderness of Life…


© Sina Saberi – 8 November 2012

22 thoughts on “Tender Power

  1. I had to leave a comment and here, enjoyed the second read as much as the first … It’s funny how winter, cold and snow make us crawl closer to the people we love and somewhere between snowflakes and dark night we do find tenderness and hope for tomorrow! Lovely as I said before!

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