In the earliness of morning,
What are you seeking?
Or dreaming?

In that dreariness of dark times,
Who are you seeking?
Do believe in?

In the loneliness of midday,
Who’s there to keep you safe?
Mistakes with whom you’ll make?

In the sadness of the evening,
Whose passion will you hunt for?
A pair of arms;   Where will you find?

Through Placelessness of madness,
In Timelessness of days,
Which shelter, ticking clock?

Inside a someone’s heart?
Outside your loving heart?
Beside the one you want?

Or through the morning sun?
Beneath the silver moon?
Behind the midday shadows?

Whose warmth will you devour…
Through middays, many evenings
When it’s cold, so freezing cold?

© Sina Saberi – 3 November 2011

17 thoughts on “Equation

  1. “earliness of morning” – “placelessness of madness” – love this phraseology! I always say if you can’t find just the right word, make up one. 🙂

    1. Yea Thanks…but to me, these ARE the right words for this poem because they did manage to call on me and fit right where they should 🙂

  2. one of the best in the past couple of months…i like what’s happening in your head recently! 🙂
    sometimes with your poems i like one part more than other parts, but this one was my favorite all over!

    1. wow! really? it’s actually quite funny how i myself can see and fell that flow of development with each poem! i’m super excited where all this is going 😀 thanks for the amazing support Fer 🙂

  3. When it’s cold,
    so freezing cold,
    I’d collect in a silver jar
    two drops of rain,
    piece of winter sunshine
    and a dancing snowflake
    and give them to
    an African magician
    to create forever summer
    on the sky, on the asphalt,
    in your eyes and in my heart …

    Once again, very inspirational read …

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