Through Curves

Curves, So many curves
Curves for endless cause

In Lust they do Lack Nought
In Love, well, just a ‘but’

They shape themselves to things
Things darling in our hearts

Things of yesterday or night
But never things without a fright

Curves, So many circles
Countless circles; many cycles

The one at hand’s a mystery
One re-occurring history

At hand there is this joy
In hand, my heart, so coy

This hope of mystic glow
This glow of letting go…

Tender souls is what we are
Lacking fire at our war

It’s desire instead of something real
It’s fire inside our chest, so real!

We seek one heartfelt glow
We’re afraid of letting go

We’ll never ever know though
So long as we’re not at the go!

Let’s do it, let’s be Real
Let’s be more than just a dream

Let’s bring that world of sweetness
In through our lives, the darkness!

The clutter of our soul,
This moment let us clear!

Our very single soul let’s be;
Ourselves let’s be, No Fear!

2 thoughts on “Through Curves

    1. well quite honestly, my inspiration wasn’t precisely THAT but it did cross my mind and i’m glad U could relate to the poem through your own vision 🙂

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