Pariah Blanco


From powder to a hole
Chasing shadows through a roll

From line into a circle
They shift shape as do they tinkle

A rush of smooth abyss so hollow
A laidback whip! But something mellow

A Coze of dust and wind and silence
A touch of bliss, gods down in brilliance!

They wander; all white shifters
As they shift to something more

Something real or something bigger
Someone better; someone pure!

There’s a journey from the flat line
Into the wholes of many darkness

The lines are not so flat indeed
They do have ups and downs

There’s Telos through the powder
It tackles nothingness of power

In darkness do they shimmer
As they shape themselves to life

Those demons, tiny creatures
Lift up shackles of the mind

An air of warmth of loving hearts
They do breathe into our thoughts

There’s a reason that the flat lines
Are long gone before the dawn

There’s purpose why the powder
Does so shatter all that downs

It’s the Telos of a wanderer
Through the purpose of surrender

To sniff the power up
Yes, to lift the spirit high

. . .

18 thoughts on “Pariah Blanco

  1. I like your poem. The images and movement within the poem are very well done. I can’t help but think between the snow photo and a lot of the language that is has something to do with skiing or snowboarding– I have tried to capture the wonder of the skiing and snow experience in my own poetry, so I very much appreciate what you have succeeded in doing here, whether that is part of what you were thinking about or not.

    1. Thanks!! nice observation…don’t U believe that each poem is a work so very layered? I couldn’t say that “Snow” was one of my very first inspirations to write this piece; but it was definitely present in my mind and through my thoughts…perhaps now my poem could be an excuse to make possible what you wanted to 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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