Pain Drop

From a look upon my eyes, a look of yours, something inside me lit; a light, a warmth of certain glow was lit. my soul became warm, inside and out and the thing which filled it was joy, was bliss; I would close those eyes and recall that look and deep inside I would feel their burning heat of something of a mystery; this warmth would travel through my heart and manifest itself on my lips; my lips would part and curve upwards. And so would my soul and so would my whole existence, if ONLY for a few fleeting moments of pure euphoria…

From a voice, unheard, but coming from your mind, something inside me went dark, a blackness of certain lifelessness, a feeling filled with deceit. My heart plunged and for a few moments of eternity it did truly sigh…this ooze did make its way through my whole being and it did manifest itself in the corner of my eye…and then my eyes…and then my whole soul was engaged…

Now I do not know which to condemn: your eyes or your lips, your heart or your mind; for none of it really matters at the moment, that my heart, is once more in pain, and my soul once again disturbed…

I do have to ask though: why on earth did you look me in the eye with a look from your heart? why did you show me the glow of your beautiful soul if I were to be deprived? Why did you cause me warmth…and then bitter, bitter cold? And simply, why did you drive that drop of bliss out of my soul, right through my eyes?




2 thoughts on “Pain Drop

  1. We all cause pain sometimes unwillingly … In a moment where we think we need someone, we feel lonely we probably let out mixed signals and because selfishness is in our nature, we barely think of what will be left after a smile or a touch …

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