The Rhythm


Rhythm, rhythmic flow
Of psychedelic glow

Night time all at once
Darkness at the pounce

I saw rivers in disguise
Yea, I’ll stop it; No more “I”s!

There was something
Or a someone far ahead

‘T was a story of a “someone”
A tale of endless one on one

Only “oneness” was this curse
Of some arithmetic verse

Of numbers and of facts
Onomatopoeic blasts

They would turn into delirium
Psychosis? just a minimum!

Flow, this rhythmic flow
In darkness as we go

A hand in yours, your hands
But none in mine, my hands

There’s rhythm in the air
There’s nothingness, beware!

A flow, a glow of sunlight
Oh! yet another fight?

You’ll take a flight tonight
You’ll take away your wings

There’s blackness of abyss
There’s Darkness, lack of bliss

Rhythm, rhythmic flow
No single Neverland to go!

There’s rhythm, shall we dance?
Could you offer me that glance?

I beg of you to be
I beg you! Beg of me!

There’s rhythm, rhythmic flow
I see candles; will you blow?

I see candles in the skies
There are hundred million eyes

They’re watching as we’re dancing
They’re shut, our brimming eyes

I see tears and they’re not mine
I feel wet, but way deep down

I cry with you tonight, I die
So that maybe we would fly

Let’s spread our wings, let’s glow
On this super rhythmic flow

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