Lay On

Don’t lie to me, don’t lie!
Today I’m sick of lies

Your pack is just expired
That very dusty pack!

Don’t lie to me, I’m tired
Of every single look

Your looks, all intimidate;
As they tickle me inside

Don’t look at me, don’t gaze
It’s way past days of yore!

Your kinky looks of emptiness
Don’t work on me, no more!

Stop lying altogether, stop crying
In your loneliness at night

You lay yourself on beds
Of Empty Lovelessness

Stop trying being something
That’s not your truthful self!

Your eyes speak to me today,
They’re tired of your lies

Come lie with me you liar;
Don’t lie to me today!

You know your heart’s desire,
You know your soul’s on fire

Just come nearer, be the lover
You could very tenderly be

Just close your eyes for seconds
And see what life truly is!

Just stop lying, just for one day
Or the other days we live

There’s not enough of time to spare,
How much longer can we be?

Let’s lie today together,
Let’s not lie to one another

Just for one day let’s not lie!

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