Big Fish


By fractures of a second,
Life goes changing;
Did you know that?

Every moment of a Lifetime,
Is a new one; Ever-Changing.
Did you ever think of that?

Joys, we jam to Emptiness;
In blues, we jump for Joy
In hues of blue, we find it;
That Lacked, that silly joy!

We swish amongst our Ignorance;
We wish for more of Bliss
We tangle as we Dangle
In our ever-woven Mist

We try to have them Hear us,
But there’s Silence in our way
We try to have them Love us,
And there’s Loneliness at bay

There’s someone in the corner
And another on the way
There’s Self-despise all over
‘Tis a Monster’s Hideaway

We find a way to Disappear
Through Shadows of the day
We’re the Rays that fade away
Through black ends of a day

Is there a way for us to break?
Someone waiting in the end;
Are there actions we should take?
For those things we need to mend?

I wonder if there’s anything
Or anyone out there!
I wander till there’s something
Or there’s somewhere

I could bear!

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