Piles of Passing Pain

Where does irritation begin? How does it start to get to that point where even the most trivial, day-to-day notion could make you burst into flames and ignite a supersonic explosion? And in the case of some, a humongous, deafening implosion? What drives us to the verge of mere madness? What pushes us to our own limits and to the boundaries of the universe we each live in? How do we get there? Are we there yet? Are we any longer sane? Can you tell if you have gone cuckoo already?

I live in a world, different from yours; as you live in one, miles away from mine. We are indeed poles apart; that’s what makes us human, though not at all times humane!  I have my many countless theories and I keep theorizing every day by the second. My theories could fail and at times they do, in time; but at any given moment, they shape my many values through which I try to maintain a happy medium and move forward, always trying to live what’s best. Then come those moments, when the moment present calls for innovative measures (at times even desperate ones) and that’s when only breaking away seems like the only tactful one; that is, of course, if you do believe in the concept of tact and live by it in the first place! For some, it’s only the heart that rules and keeps reign on all matters. Regardless, let’s just call it all tact or perhaps common sense, good nature, whatnot.

You keep doing this, to the point where irritation loses meaning and something soothes you and alleviates your ever-oozing restlessness. Yes, that’s quite around the time when you forget all about your “issues” of plenty and give in and eventually give up. That’s usually when things seem quite alright and you see no reason in particular to struggle and fight. Why would we try to swim against the tides while the ocean stands ever so still? Would seem pretty in vain and perhaps it just might be. Only we keep forgetting that bigger, tougher tides always lie ahead; and they do never rest.

What I’m trying to argue here is that, time and again, we have faced the tides for as long as we have had a face. We have learnt many a lesson on the way and have lost many a second on end. We have indeed lost lovers, loved ones and friends and we have felt ever so lonely again and again. We have hit rock bottom and have been down the very black pit. And those days have always passed; that’s the inevitable thing we, for sure, know about them. We have always managed to find that shimmering ray which would take us elsewhere; somewhere, anywhere!

The price might seem too high at any given second; at that very moment it might not seem much of a bargain. But in the long run, it’s always worth it somehow; this is life. I guess Life itself does make it all worth it in the end.

But more to the point, that mind-numbing moment of irritation when sounds, words, scenes of any kind would make your blood curdle into lava, oh those moments are none but excruciating! They are none but torture! They sting more than acid and each time that they strike, they kill a little bit of your soul and leave you drained and wounded and then your heart brakes; they pluck your feathers and leave your wings so scarce; they cannot however, take your wings away or make you forget how to fly; No! That’s not something they are truly capable of.




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