Gone With the Old

An autumn breeze does really make you tremble
As you sit, as you under your breath would mumble
It will indeed make you shiver, your shoulders will you shrug
It is indeed rather pleasant, when that breeze of first is plugged
And all that summer heat, does do turn to flows of cold
And yes, the glow of summer sun, does get a tad less bold
We do prepare our sheets and covers; we look back at past lovers
We do put on more layers, as we take steps to stop those hovers
Our drought-up skin does ask for drops of drizzle, a little moist
Our thirsty lips do desire something more, the spirit just a hoist
You want to move, you need to flow, once those leaves begin to dance
You want to shake the dust of summer, when the leaves go into trance
Summer was a time for love, unstable, constant this and that!
Summer is way over, when the mind has prepped for fall format
The way we are will change for sure; we’ll shift to something else
The way is long, it is, no doubt! We’ll find our way before it pelts!
Now that sunlit days are gone, now that you and I are done,
Let me tell you only one thing: you were just my summer love;
Well, summer’s really gone old love; it’s time for love of Fall.

10 thoughts on “Gone With the Old

  1. very nice Sina!
    made me to come here after a long time and leave a comment! it was short but sweet!
    it got very much sweeter at the end when very playfully the poet/you said goodbye to the summer love and moved on to the breezy autumn love! quite smart! 😉

    p.s. made me think you were watching 300 days of summer in a meadow!

    1. haha! Fer! it was SO nice seeing you here once more as well. I don’t participate in any of the rallies here recently, takes a lot of time.
      yes, it was indeeeeed my feeling towards love right now.


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