Time to Sail


His name was Captain Mirrors. He held many a secret in his harmless, fragile heart; many a tale on how Life had been less than perfect and less than fair to him… And yet, he would always hold this smile, our Captain Mirrors, as if nothing had ever really gone wrong.

Captain’s days were filled with so many different colors: from vivid to blurry and opaque; from crimson and violet to cream, grey and basic black. He had ever been a big fan of all the colors of the world, all the colors of Life itself; he had learnt to basically live regardless of it all.

It wasn’t up until that very fateful day that he finally decided to break away and depart on the sail of a lifetime. Yes, it-in fact-was time for our sweet Mr. Mirrors to break apart and find a way; his way…And so he sailed.

The ocean had been much fair in the past, though pretty grey and hostile at times; but today was not a day for ease, it was not a time for fair games or games of any kind for that matter. No, today was a day to finally find a way as I already mentioned; a way to break away and leave this zone, so safe and so comfy and snug, this cage…

Mirrors was scared stiff today, but somehow he did manage to find a way to bear it all. You see, Mirrors truly was a brave man, even though it had been quite a while, even he himself had not  seen much of his own bravery. Something had been holding him back, our Captain Mirrors.

The winds had arrived at sea and so had the storms. The waves had risen and so had the god of the ocean from way deep down. The sea was black and it all held a very certain lack; something empty inside his heart; his heart, so pure and ever-loving…Something was brimming, no doubt: His love, his soul, his heart or the waters of the ocean, of the seven seas.

Yes, Mirrors had to face it all, the violence of an angry sea, an ocean of debris as well as the waters of mere misery and much chagrin…

But it was not to be overlooked-whatsoever-how the winds and all the torrents, the many many twists and turns were all speaking of only one thing, one thing only: change…

The ship of Captain Mirrors did shatter into pieces, the waves ate it up alive. There was a ship this second, the next moment there was none; none but the ocean and our very own Captain Mirrors…He had learnt this lesson long before; there were times that there’d be none! There were times when all would be gone. Captain Mirrors held onto nothing but the sea, but this ocean of debris.

He felt forever lonely, if even for a second, for a tiny glimpse of eternity, he felt lonely as he drowned.

He did try to swim upwards, he did try to survive. There was hope, there still was hope for our beloved Captain Mirrors, but he drowned and yes, he died.

But a million miles away, there lived a man, a superman who would simply, only Live…with real purpose, with belief in a power so much bigger, so much stronger than his own. That power was called Life and that man’s name was Captain Mirrors.

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