What are you afraid of?
What is it that keeps you afar? The one which keeps you from getting near?
You heart sure takes pleasure in getting closer, a tad cozier & a bit warmer…why run away?
You, who always have trash-talked narrow-mindedness; you who have always spoken of being open-minded; are YOU who you think you are? Are you as laidback and just as open as you claim to be?
I have never been one to judge; and yet I have judged every once in a while & it has ever been filled with only one sensation: one of regret! For I have always-every single time-reached the same conclusion: I shouldn’t and I cannot judge, for I NEVER know enough…I can NEVER know best although at times perhaps only better!
What does drive us away? What does truly break us apart? What brings distance? How come we are so far away while the wish of our hearts is anything but that? Our hearts wish for only one thing: being near. All they need at this very moment is a kiss on the lips, no strings attached! Now is that so much to ask? Are you THAT unfree and THAT unliberated of a self? Of yourself? Can’t you just BE?
This has been so far so fun; so far so good! Why ruin it all with only a single moment of doubt; With only a tiny dose of fear! What’s there to be afraid of in this absolute moment of heat; in this pure moment of warmth?
I cannot ever forgive you for your ignorance, for your denial…you deny your heart; you deny your wishes; you are the assassin of your dreams and the killer of your wishes and of mine…
I’m done asking questions now; for now I stick with none but the truth; a permanence of honesty and a hope for desire and for more…
You’ll be left with your question-filled mind & with many an answer to seek and to give and you have been given a few; could be more than you can dandle…
I’m gone; liberated and liberating…
I’m setting you free;
Just like I have ever been…
And this is my Closure.

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