Morning Revelation

In that very moment, when you close your eyes and journey your way to dreamland, many a crazy thing could happen. You do close your eyes to realize a dream which has been long gone in that reality you’ve forever lived. The dreamland and the world of dreams do truly take you away, to a place, less known of, less heard of and yet, a place where it feels like home the most: the world of dreams where things, beyond or beside your imagination are all possible and they all do occur just as the ever-swinging thoughts of thousand inside your head.

One might say that in the world of dreams, it’s the heart which truly rules and none but the heart, though there are times when it might seem as though you are being taken away, being carried away; and yet, there’s this ever-assuring hope of desire and will which evolves into a control-like feeling of no control; this sensation of being absolutely out of control and yet having a tight reign of all you’ve ever wanted to live.

Many a desire has been vanished into non-existence in our daily masquerades of deception and deceit; many a dream has been lost in the oblivion of hypocrisy we tend to name “reality”.

And today, that eternally-thin line between the world of reality and the land of dreams has evaporated into  this nothing-ness called time, this void called Life and all there is, is a hope to Live and a self-promise of joy which would linger after all else has been long gone.

To wake up from that reality so that one could truly Live the dream, that alone would surely suffice; and it does sound like a thing of the dreamland nonetheless…one wonders once again what one currently is engaged with:

A dream?
The reality?
Or simply Life?

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