A Way to Live

Times of darkness, times of bitterness
Have caused a will to discontinue

They have taken things away
Of the living and of Life

They have mystified the bliss
Of those joyful moments back

They have brought upon what’s dark
What’s black, what’s filled with Lack

All those tearful, joyful seconds
Have never ever been!

And I’ve never ever seen
So-called truth in such deceit!

Have I died them, have I Lived?
Have I been there, ever breathed;

All those moments that I’ve “lived”
All those seconds far beneath?

If only for a fracture of a second,
I would die so I would see

If merely for a moment I would live,
As flatly beneath my soul I’d lie;

Or even over what I’d see
Over all I’ve ever seen;

Will I see it as I go blind?
Will I hear it while gone deaf?

Could I taste it, smell it, touch it;
What I’ve lacked forever more?

Or will I shake myself to death once more
And stand on them and tumble?

I do not know of flying,
Or the flowing of a breeze

I do not know of wings
Or ways to levitate my being

I do not know of Life
Or what it has to offer

All I know is we’re alive
For certain moments of a day

Yes, only certain, fleeting seconds
That we finally find a way

To flow away
And make a way

To grow those wings
And fly

When we learn a way
To die

6 thoughts on “A Way to Live

  1. I’ll be honest. The first time I read this, the poem seemed a little forced. Later, after disposing off all my useless errands, I read it again, but this time, slightly aloud.

    It did the magic. Reading this poem aloud in a deep poetic voice, in a silent environment makes you realize what a wonderful poem you have just chanced to read upon.

    Some grammatical errors though, for example, ‘have cause’ should have been ‘have caused’, but nonetheless, the poem was good.

    Favorite part….. Ummm…. this one-

    “To grow those wings
    And fly

    When we learn a way
    To die”

    Cheers to your good work.

    1. Mihir!! once again, you have put a smile on my lips. thanks for appreciating this poem. this poem means a great deal to me personally. it comes from a heart in pain. about the mistake, thanks; it was a mere typo obviously. thanks for noticing.

      Bliss ~

      1. I can only be thankful to God that we are here virtually.

        Else, I am pretty sure, you would have knocked me down for doing such anatomy of your poems. 😐

      2. never EVER! I love your enthusiasm and your maticulous observations; it’s refreshing!
        PEACE 😉

  2. i’m crazy about the end of this poem ,’All I know is we’re alive..” it really impressed me , i think i really need to read it again and again ,tnx & Great .

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