Life, Today


I do have to get rid of all the clutter;
All that has not really mattered to me for this recent era of my days;
The insignificant dust which has formed this grey layer on the non-superficial surface of my life and of my days;
Truly, very few have proven to be true, to be real; and the rest have only been anything but real.
I do have to move where truthfulness resides and where the constant flow of life is ever-changing, ever-brimming with the vitality of a breath which comes in and brings only hope.
Never has my existence been as fragile as it is today; the promise of better days has shaped into a fantasy; ever so scattered and far-fetched.
Dreams have exhausted their notions of being and so have nightmares their blatancy and wilderness and here lies this less-than-perfect reality; only this time, it’s less than perfect, more than ever!
Loneliness has lost all meaning and its mere being could no longer be recognized or even felt for that matter.
I for one do feel no less than before; not even a speck; all the sensations are right where they’ve ever been; as keen as they’ve ever been and they do perceive and they do feel.
It’s just, there’s a new attribution of taste to time; one of bitterness.
There’s a new contribution of motion to life; one of stagnancy.
The relativity of that fracture of a second has never been this perishable and this brings of pain and of madness.
We could have been more joyful and more alive;
Only we didn’t really ever know how to…
Only we were ever wandering the numerous paths with but few certain destinations.

2 thoughts on “Life, Today

  1. Sina,

    The best part of the poem were the last three lines.

    The whole portion written above those last lines act as a collective prologue to the winner you would hit at the end; and needless to say, they did their work right.

    Some phrases catch attention and its a good thing, I must say. I’ll tell you what caught my attention.

    1. “recent era of my days”
    2. “only this time, it’s less than perfect, more than ever!”
    3. “there’s a new attribution of taste to time; one of bitterness.
    There’s a new contribution of motion to life; one of stagnancy.”

    And then of course, the climax. I’ll take the liberty to generalize an observation here. All the crafted lines end with same fine yet compelling strokes like the last three lines brilliantly end your poem.

    I should sleep. 😐

    1. Mihir! this poem is a very personal one and it just means much to me 🙂 i’m more than happy that you took the time to read and leave such an amzing just made my day 🙂 thank you Mihir! you’re a lovely friend.

      Bliiss ~

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