Are you alright?
Why feel this feeling now?
What happened to you all of a sudden?
When exactly did you become this person you are today?
How did that bright shining smile turn into this current flat line?
Where did your constant joy and happiness flee to; from its true home?
Who was truly responsible for this very unprecedented turn of events at hand?

I do think so; I am.
The reasons are all so clear.
The thing that happened was Life perhaps.
The time was, this minute, this very moment; now!
The way through which all this took place was very gradual.
The whereabouts of my never-ending joy was right inside my heart.
The person in charge of all this that happened was no one really other than me.

10 thoughts on “Expanse

  1. This is great … and I really like this form … questions followed by answers in this unique shape – what is this genre called?

    Congratulations on your award ~ well deserved!

    1. Becca!

      thanks for your nice comment.
      i’m not sure if this has a name; because i just felt like putting it into this form and that’s all 🙂
      but thanks anyways.

      Bliss ~

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