What have we done today?
Except for the same thing we’ve always done?
The one which brings us to the same path and leads us to the same destination:
That’s where.
No Flow,
That’s what.
Today we move and leave.
There’s a new place to be and they’re waiting.
In your honor they’re celebrating something;
Called “Life”
Airborne euphoria has left many casualties;
They are all alive.
Wounded, they breathe in and out…
~ In
And out ~
They have earned the pleasure in pain the absolutely hard way,
And it’s been easier than before;
To bleed as well as be…
To walk as well as fly…
To go absolutely high where the sky is short of more high;
And of more blue;
And of more sky.

17 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. i couldn’t agree more (obviously!) we just deal with these things throughout our lives ever single day 🙂
      but your ultimate goal with be freedom and liberation and peace.

      thanks for the comment!


  1. Fantastic write – your words provoke so many hues of the coloured tangent of introspection that made the read very enjoyable!

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