Tomorrow’s Eulogy


I have always been an expert
In the expertise called “Life”

I have ever been a tradesman
In a trade that they call “Love”

I have truly been a dreamer in
A world we know as “Dreamland”

I have mostly skipped the truth
Which you force upon what’s “Real”

And I’ve never had regrets as much
As non-regrets and likes and smiles

I have never cried for yesterdays
They have vanished like the rays

Except for one or two or three
Or four perhaps; five or six maybe

That’s nothing compared to moments
That I’ve truly laughed, been happy

So I laugh in midst of crying
Yes, I smile with tearful eyes

It’s today I have, today I live
I live for no tomorrow and

I will not have any sorrow
Till tomorrow that I Live!


21 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Eulogy

  1. I confess, I’m not a fan of exclamation marks used in poetry. For some reason it just doesn’t help with the flow for me… but you’ve put it to perfect use here, and it takes nothing away from your words. Beautiful.

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