Inspiration by me
As I look inside the mirror

As I see my eyes
I recognize the shining light inside

I look into the mirror
I take a look inside my eyes

I see the golden light
And the liquid of delight

There’s a story, many tales
All so lengthy, so elaborate

I look at me and see it all
What only I can see inside

The mirror’s but a friend
Tonight the glass is on my side

All the endings sad or
Not so sad, are felt inside my heart

I look inside the mirror
As I try to catch a glimpse

Of the beauty of a lover
Who’s been ready for some time

I would look at me and
Love my eyes and look at something real

But I’m facing just a mirror
And all there is, is me

It’s just me inside the glass shield
Yes; the only lonely me

So love is not an option
All the love is not for me

It shall never go to waste
This love should never haste


8 thoughts on “Doppleganger

  1. Very powerful words!
    Thought provoking.. intense imagery! I loved the image you sketched with your words.. very deep indeed.. 🙂

    Loved it!
    Hugs xox

    1. hey dear Olivia!
      thanks 🙂 for the kind words and the lovely comment.
      i’m so glad you liked the poem.

      Peace n Bliss ~

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