Wish List

__ . __

A home as well as a warm embrace
A tender touch of a lover with grace

A taste of a pair of lips from time to time
A whiff of the scent of that smell so swell

A couch attached to shoulders and a lap
A TV facing two people hazed up in love

A table for two, for two of us in harmony
A dine and a wine of two lovers called us

A look along with a kiss, a touch of bliss
A smile of a lover so warm and so sweet

A dose of my thrill for when we’re alone
A dose of your touch, so warm, surreal

A hand in hair, wandering fingers at work
A good pain of a rash of a yesterday’s game

A place to be, a house for a home
A life of joy, of bliss and of peace

A place to live at peace in
A life that’s lived with ease

A wish, a hope, a dream
A very hopeful dream

— A very happy me —

26 thoughts on “Wish List

    1. haha! that’s so adorable of you 🙂 yes you’re definitely right. that WOULD BE boring!!
      thanks for the thought though 😉


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