For ever I sought one thing
Only one thing;
Something real!

I sought the truth for ever
One thing real
Was what I sought

Beyond the skies of wisdom
In valleys, jungles, roads
I wandered

I wandered and I wondered
Any given single moment
And I walked

Just a trace, a tiny speck
Was all I needed
Would suffice!

In the arms of this and that
I sought it, felt its

But I never truly felt it
How I wanted to
Be felt

All the gazes, lovely smiles
All the trouble
For a touch

All my hassle for some passion
As well as dirty

Even death and mystic magic
Or a maze of thousand

Or a friendship of a lover or
The lovelessness,
“Just friends”

With tears of joy or laughters
Of a crazy man
Called me!

It never was reality
It was nothing
Ever real!

I lost it, I recovered
I broke my heart
It mended

I hurt it once again,
Once a million times

Each time with hopes
Of things of

They didn’t ever come;
This wasn’t ever

Yes, none of it is real
I don’t want what
I can’t feel.

In the meantime
I would

For dreams have
Never lied
To me

I would close my
Eyes to this
And see

Those things that
I could truly

Those things that
I would love
To feel

Those things that
I could

24 thoughts on “Truthfulness

  1. “truth” be told Sina, i am amazed how diverse is your poetry…some great moments in this one, especially those parts about lovers and their truth; finally! 🙂

    1. Freshte! I’m ever so grateful man 🙂 really! i like those parts very much, they have meaning, for me they definitely do!

  2. “Never seek, by artful guise of words, to taint
    The truth with falsehood’s hue. Poor, trembling Truth!”
    nice one man

  3. and yet another amazing creation by Sina! dude, you never cease to amaze me with your writing! each article you write contains very beautiful poetry! keep it up!

    btw, please check mine too: “Beyond Silent Wars”

  4. But then the things you could feel would be in dreams, right? Doesn’t it then suggest that in reality, there is no probability of feeling the absolute truth?

    Sorry for dissecting your (really lovely) poem but can’t help it. Literature student, you see. 😐

    1. well no, don’t worry i actually used to be a literature student too and absolutely see your point. but the thing is, sometimes when the truth is all blurry, the least i wanna do is to–at least FEEL what is out there, at any given moment, truth or not. if it FEELS right, then it is right, then it could be the truth of the moment.
      thanks for the comment 🙂

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