The Wake of Yesterday

Yes, there are many yesterdays; as often as every single day; or as frequent as any given moment. Yesterday is that second that fled just a few moments ago; Yesterday IS no more…but we are, forever more. Our presence lingers eternally and liberates itself from all that has ever occurred, mattered and dispersed into the air we breathe. We are the air that comes and goes; we are the wind that blows. We are all that lives and what dies is just yesterday which never truly was; that couldn’t really be.
Even the sweetness of a yesterday is tasted only in the now; in that present moment where you close your eyes and let your heart feel it; you feel it this very moment, though you think it’s a thing of yesterday. The touch might’ve been a thing of the past, a notion of a yesterday; the sensation though lives today; it’s felt right now.

The pain you carry is of yesterday I say; it’s of the many yesterdays none of which is at hand today; today the pain IS no more; for yesterday IS no more, today! The hurt; the heart ache, all the pain, it goes away; it has gone away, today it IS no more. None of it! See I already told you, yesterday is gone away today, yesterday IS no more today; and neither is your pain.

We forget; all that is of yesterday. We have to, since we live every living moment of today, today! The days don’t linger for much more; the present is just now, right now. It IS no more come tomorrow; for tomorrow’s already a yesterday, today!

It’s true. Just close your eyes; open the heart to this presence that is right now and live…

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