Have you ever missed that touch which you have never had?
Have you yearned for it so badly, that it has become your every living moment? Have you been able to close your eyes and almost feel the warm sensation against your skin and has your flesh truly felt its heat?
But still, it’s that one touch you’ve never had.
Have you ever read that poem which has never been written?
Have you been able to read the words, feel their flow and dance to their godly harmonious non-existence? Has it moved you soul to feet and shaken up your soul and left you with only an unquenchable thirst of wanting more?
And yet, it’s that poem which has never been written.
And have you ever lost that lover whom you have never really had?
Have you just loved them day and night and cherished only solely their soul and their being? Have you held them ever so tightly and made love to only them and have given your all to their love; your love? Have you spent countless hours since the very beginning till forever more just loving them?
And still, your lover is one who has never truly been your lover; that lover hasn’t ever been yours.
And yet, you’ve lost them somehow…
It’s almost like a touch so longed for or a poem so heartfelt but unheard of…
So I will touch and sing and love and be the end of an endless lack…
Today, I will fill myself with love and I will sing to me some more…
Yet I will still wait for that touch; yes, I would wait…


© Sina Saberi – 8 March 2011

67 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. Sina!!!! you keep doing it!!!
    how close did i feel to this one! for me it has always been that “hug”….! and by always i mean those rare moments, once in a blue moon, out of nowhere moments of life, which take even you by surprise…
    anyway…i guess i would wait too…
    magnificent job!

      1. OMG! sina! this is the second time you are saying sth like this…what happened buddy? i am mad at whoever broke your heart (or sth like that?)

      2. well two of the comments here…i donno which one was the first, which the second, but i know there were 2 hints!
        i am sorry to hear that! 😦
        may this year be different for you; pain-wise!

      3. yes, for sure it will be 🙂 what can one do except for hope!!
        if i have a couple of more crazy friends like you, i’d be happy every day 🙂

        that’s as close as a compliment i can give girl!!

      4. first of all, i just came to the actual page (i was commenting without seeing the thread; i now know i am on the wrong post 😀 )…anyway, the compliment is my kind’a compliment! you know me well enough! 😉
        good thing you can count on the friendship of your crazy bunch! 😛

      5. haha!! i sure can 😉
        thanks again for reading and commenting! you don’t know how happy it makes me 🙂

      6. well, i wouldn’t be reading and commenting if your words weren’t this much appealing, interesting and simply put, good!

  2. yes,i have . a LOT ,i mean most of second in my life i had and have like these feeling… that was awesome.
    i was wondering if you let me print it and stick it on my wall

  3. It is just the result of a sane mind. HEE HEE it’s the most best comment you may here by any of those grownups. But Sina I have had plenty of such experiences and try to not lose them. Dear poem I’ve got a world of my own, the one that you are not forced to accept and obey the false rules established by a human and yes it’s just awesome I’m free there, totally free forever. Then you well know what…

  4. Don’t wait for the touch..be the touch..for someone..who must be experiencing the same way.. we keep waiting because then we write well..ha, ha, I enjoyed it..raising some very pertinent questions..

    1. yes Ms. Queendy! it does brin tears to our eyes, doesn’t it? and yet it feels soothing somehow…
      thank you 🙂


    1. sure thing Jingle, i haven’t been around lately since it’s the Nowrouz holidays in Iran and I’ve been busy 🙂
      Happy New Year

    2. Jingle oh Jingle!

      just to let you know I found some time and viewed some twenty something poems and left comments. sorry if i haven’t been as active recently, load of work and the holidays have been killing me!! i REALLY really enjoyed the works. wow! so many geniuses out there with amazing works…i feel so humbled!
      thanks for everything and

      Bliss ~

    1. thank you Julian! always with the kind words 🙂 well i’m afraid a significant part of it IS actually rooted in reality. but then again, what isn’t? right?

      Peace ~

  5. This is to anyone out there that’s listening
    This is to…
    This is to anyone out there that’s still breathing

  6. I clicked “Like” on this, but “Like” falls far short of saying it. This is an expression of a common truth that I feel sure runs through the lives of so many the dwelling on and living in all the people, things, places and ideas one never really knew, never really was given, nor could ever really accept and claim possession of, even if one was given them. Very beautifully conceived and written, SiNA.

    I welcome you to visit my blog to see my Rally entry at:

    Happy Rally!

    1. Thank you Elaine for going further than a “Like” I also always feel the same when it comes to the things I read and enjoy. Thanks for the lovely comment.
      I’d be sure to click on your link also.
      : )

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