Many centuries far ago
When we lived in silver valleys of gold
I remember the blissful childish eyes
Those drops of heavenly all-time surprise

They would flicker just like mine, your eyes
Like I’d smile they’d also brim with skies
I would hold them tight, your hands so small
Like I’d laugh they’d hold mine not to fall

We lived in countless hours as it is today
The hours though, stretched a tad bit less
We swayed a lot as I recall, we danced, were always high
The lows were but few or none to count

I found you eras afterwards
I did learn to love you now
Though I’d been there in my heart and soul
A billion years since dawn of time

You were there in my dreams and
I would be there as it seemed
You would love my love and me as well
but it only ever seemed, just seemed!

In dreams, In world of dreams I’d be
I’d be always there to be
It always felt that way and yet
And yet, I’d never feel

What it was to feel the real deal
How it’d be to have you near
And to hold you oh so close to me
And to feel what I would feel

So it happened just like that, believe!
What I see is never real
What it is, is not what I see
And it’s not as though it seemed

I’ll be awake or I would sleep
Or I would lie to die in dreams
And I would know just one sole thing
That this could never die and that I would ever be!

The devil resides but here today
And I don’t like the sound I hear
It’s evil, every millimeter
It’s despising what’s out there

I’m scared, I truly am
That’s not new as you might guess
But it trembles and resembles
Something dark and something cursed

I won’t be left with hands up high
I won’t let go of course!
But know I’m scared, I’m scared stiff
As hell that’s what I know somehow

I’m living where I’ve never been
I’m in darkness, am in sykes
In caves and shacks of shadows
I am in shock of what’s to come

My days are but illusions
As every second comes and stays
It doesn’t go and leaves me still
It’s dark, I see no rays

I do know but of one truth
Of truthful déjà vu s
They have become my real deal
As they leave me filled with truth

And I live with none but truths…

28 thoughts on “Dreal

  1. as usual very ‘REAL’. sina i think a BIG number of us still hoping someone will see us…sitting here alone in our shadow,but…So for now, we must learn to live here, in the shadow of ourselves, and try to find peace.

  2. The truths that sort out the real and the fantasy are painful truths. Deep emotions are waiting to be fulfilled, love ready to be revealed. As a poet you feel more and expect more from life. Great poem!

    1. that’s right! kinda reminds me of Coldpay’s song:
      “Nobody said it was easy; it’s such a shame for us to paaaaaart…”


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