Instability of a lifetime, uncertainty of a timelessness abound and the doubt of never-assuring thought; all this shaped the presence of a curse, a cycle of some kind, till it drove pain where a short-lived joy once resided; once a few times…

The knowledge of being ever a wanderer and the lonesome countless hours of a soul so deliberate, so liberated, was the awareness of an epoch of eternal derangement as well as the ever-assuring existence of entanglement; a lost child who’d been in pain forever more…

The lack of a presence which would be capable of love and the present lovelesslness of a love-bound soul, brimming with none but love would have been the paradox of eternity or the non-existence of one certain soul for many a centuries on end…

The soul would grow, the thoughts would reduce into peacefulness and calm; the hurt, though, of the heart would never quite fade away with even time. for the wounds would ever remain reminders of the many inflicted spots of an era of solitude and dissatisfaction and contempt towards none much but only of pain as the sole denouement…

An understanding soul, a lover is certainly much to ask for; it’s obviously too much to ask; or things would’ve turned out differently somewhere around the turn of one of the many centuries at hand; or else, I would’ve been with; but not without.

One learns of individuality and of the numerous reasons to say none and to live. One waits as always with the dreams of a brighter tomorrow while not trying to wake the invaluable nightmares of plenty…

One fades, but never A way…

4 thoughts on “Danglement

      1. that is secret! the important point is i’m crazy about full of feeling poem,and your’s is one of them 😉

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