Let me sing you today the song which my heart has been humming lately…

It sings of heartfelt desires and what true feelings hold and it merges numerous melodies, floating where there is none but sweetness.

My song is not to be heard though; it’s simply played, basically sang where the souls do truly listen and hear with their elusive golden hearts.

This music is no illusion, and yet it’s not heard; the sounds are there and yet none is heard, for all that’s worth hearing is never said and never sung; basically it all just flows and fades out…

Once felt, it’s heard and listened to and not heard all at the same time; it’s just played, by my heart and by my love with no instrument in particular; but it’s played regardless.

It’s that hum of the heart which glows inside and leaves places lit where there was no light, where there was no love and it grows brighter till it shines with such light, one can’t see; and it blinds regardless.

And I’ve heard many songs hitherto; all of certain beauty and joy; And yet, this very song, this hum so opaque, is here to drive me mad and make me feel feelings so unheard of and so unknown; feelings like a hum, like a song, which I have never really heard of but know so well somehow…

2 thoughts on “Hum

    1. 🙂 i know it doesn’t qualify as a poem, but the spirit of this week’s potluck…well that it does suit pretty well 😉

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