I know the reason of my sorrow
Today I do know why I cry

Why the tears can’t help but fall down
My aching self is close tonight

I cry for me, for my destiny
I shed for all that’s damaged me

They have killed my shining glow
As I’ve never said a single word

My tears though, are eloquence
I can hear; they’re very clear

I can watch my life pass through me
As I close my eyes to see me

They flow, my drops of purity
They wash away my pain

They take away my feelings
And Inside me something dies

As inside me something lights


© Sina Saberi – 2 June 2012

46 thoughts on “Catharsis

  1. Hey I am sure glad I stopped by and Imust thank Jingle for it too. This was a very good read. Hope you had a swell time on your birthday. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Times of grave sarrow are the wildest rides to get within yourself, yet shedding tears would be of sevice to run rid of them for good.

  3. “I cry for me, for my destiny…I shed for all that’s damaged me.”

    Such beautiful words. Sometimes I feel this way as well.

    Happy belated birthday.

  4. My favorite are the last two lines:
    “And Inside me something dies
    As inside me something lights”

    There’s death and rebirth. It starts out with feelings of pain and hopelessness, but then, surprisingly, hope springs forth in the end. That’s the beauty of letting the tears flow and letting yourself feel the pain.

  5. I feel I have become highly indifferent and yet very self- contained. I now love all instead of selfishly blame a few to have let go of me..!!

    Very well crafted.. 🙂
    Love xxx

    1. wow Olivia!
      and that i guess is simply the beauty of life and wisdom 🙂
      may this wisdom guide you at all times all through your life.


  6. Since there were many comments already, I was, first, quite apprehensive about dropping mine as well. But who cares, I saw it on my fb wall (BTW, I can’t find your wall, hence I was forced to comment here only), and then decided to make an appearance! BAM!

    Jokes and expressions apart, I liked the poem. Its one of your Sina-ish poems (which portray the victory of survival over hardships), and it gets better at the end. Quite nice.

    1. Mihir!
      it’s actually a sequel to my poem “Emptomorrow”…if you read it after reading Emptomorrow you’ll see anything but bitterness in it…that’s ironic in a way of course. thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it 🙂

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