Due to a deal of dreary deeds

Done by delusions, done in a daze;

Our days had gone from dazzling

To bedazzled and to bedeviled!


Soothed by a song so swiftly sane

Smoothly sung by the saints of the soul

Our sun, serene was seen once more;

Our stars would sparkle someplace close


No name of no one new and

No man of nobility known

Innumerable novelty notions which

Nonetheless would help us know


Believe me; but beyond,

Your bumpy disbelief!

Booming with both bliss

And beauty we shall breathe

47 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. It’s as though each stanza is a poem on its own… and yet the whole poem is one by virtue of the fact that; all through, various elements within and without the personna are trying to establish… inner-peace and joy.

    I love how the poet does a 180 in the first stanza;

    ‘from dazzling,
    To bedazzled and to bedeviled!’

    The transition is articulated quite impressively.

    One can’t help but feel a sense of hope in the second stanza. I find that lovely because, its amazing how, having fallen, we are more likely to forge further ahead if we establish where we had gone wrong, and if we do acknowldege that we had gone wrong. I think it was Gandhi, I’m not sure, who said, ‘look not to where you have fallen, but where you had tripped’. I say that, because I feel the poet does that at the very beginning. The first two lines read like a confession;

    ‘Due to a deal of dreary deeds
    Done by delusions, done in a daze’

    I guess that’s why the second stanza starts with some comforting. A comforting which wooes the hope we see established in the next two lines.

    The third stanza took quite some thought. Probably I was thinking too hard, and even then I’m not sure I’ve gotten it right. Then again the beauty with poetry, and a lot of literature really is that, once it is written, the author has to share its ownership with other people’s life experiences, for it is those that allow one identify with a poem. (Consider this a coup de tat (sp) lol)

    So what I gather is; the poet is in this battle alone, no one to blame, or help explain this predicament. No one to help make the load lighter. The fourth stanza hints at there being even doubters in the third.
    I stand to be corrected and I would appreciate some illumination on this.

    I like the conviction that roars in the fourth stanza. The decisivness and awareness of what one wants.

    I really enjoyed reading this, all in all. So much so I read it five times 🙂

    Yours sincerely,
    Philharmonic poet.

    1. I cannot possibly begin to thank you for your interest; it simply makes my day and brings me joy to see you’ve connected to the poem this much. well, just to make you even more excited I must confess that many of your assumptions have more than just a bit truth to them 🙂 meaning that you’ve felt the lines very well. but as for the illumination, well you see when the poet, the I or whatever you prefer to call it startss with the confessions and the expression, later on in the third and fourth stanze, he simply tries to share his experience, trying to express the gist of all that has ever mattered to him and finally very desperately, yet eloquently makes an effort to brathe a word of truth, or simply get away from it all and simply breathe; he’s trying to talk of the importance of living and life and how we tend to get caught up with all our many issues everyday that we forget our most basic needs, here, breathing! and well, this final “breathe” brings with it a certain notion of relief and definitely hope to an extent.
      all in all, the very last line, sums up the whole purpose of this poem, which is to breathe!

      I wish you Peace

    1. thanks but just to avoid any misundrestanding I must say, I did not mean the ancient saints whatsoever, but the wisdom of the soul.


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  3. So seamless I didn’t even realize the repetition of specific letters through out (I can never remember the name of that literary technique but your nailed it). Gorgeous poem and I loved the picture too =)

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