My Killer’s Passion

So last night I kissed a killer and it was simply amazing; not just any killer but my very own killer and it was divine. I can say that last night as soon as my killer killed me I fell madly in love. My killer had been after me for quite a while and I had done my share of running away for long. Survival is an instinct for sure. So I ran and ran and I was kept hostage for a while and there was a woman looking after me, not letting me escape. We got friendly with the woman and she shared a secret or two. I was waiting for my killer to come and I was ready to kill and not be killed. I tried to injure the woman but I just couldn’t; she was too nice to be injured, especially by me.

So then my killer came inside and I was ready to throw that knife. I did even throw it but awfully missed and that was when the killer, the criminal so swiftly punctured my leg with a very precise, very keen knife. I was shocked and scared for a single second and then, the rest just all made sense all of a sudden.

I looked into the eyes of the killer, my killer and there was only one thing my tongue asked:

“Can I kiss you at least, now that you’ve killed me and all?”

As if all the running, all the hassle had been only for this moment, for these words, my killer replied:

“Of course.” While holding this luscious look along with this very pleasant welcoming smile

So we kissed and kissed and touched in many places. It was very passionate and very full of love. I touched my killer as I’d never touched anyone and what I was feeling was beyond anything I had ever known of love and desire. The taste of the lips of my killer was like nothing I had ever tasted before; it tasted like ambrosia itself. I would say that I was having such pleasure and euphoria that I could die, but that would just be a very stupid understatement since I actually was injured and at this point had bled to an irreversible extent. But who cares, if my very last minutes of this lifetime decided to end that way, I would decide to die any day. After all, who ever thought death would be such a sweet disposition?

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