Something Secretes

I was a very secretive guy. Had been for quite a while and there wasn’t much I could really do about it. In fact, there was not much I wanted to do about it either.

There were things I would do in secret without anyone knowing about it and it had been that way for quite a while as I said before.

My secrets were selectively shared by few of many who had also secretive lives one way or another. Our secrets were shared as much as our thoughts and more or less our feelings.

The secrets of numerous moments which came and left us experienced were among the many thrills of our lives. And we lead such secretive lives you see.

My secrets were not to be shared with a certain few, for it would always be beyond them to an extent; even though their secrets of any degree were absolutely safe with me as much as any other thing they would ever have to share with me;  things as delicate as secrets for instance.

To me, it was never so much the secrets themselves which were interesting necessarily but the whole secret sharing thing in fact. Now, though, after such a long time I’m left with many secrets and many shared moments none of which is truly mine; and what now? My heart is filled with the secrets of many and it amazes me how my secrets can’t be shared.

Who can bear to let go and truly listen, I wonder.

The universe has a great secret for me; something of a mystery; so secretive and dark. I know not of its twists and turns and all it’s cracked up to be.

I wish the universe would be as caring as I am; as giving as I am; as open as I am;

But NEVER as secretive as I am!

4 thoughts on “Something Secretes

      1. first off, thanks for all your comments; i really enjoyed reading!
        second, i must say, i do like the way you present your viewpoint so poignantly and frankly yet with a certain twist. it’s really good 🙂
        anyhow, thanks for sharing your thoughts friend.


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