Dirty Pleasure

I felt like a pair of ears
And a pair of eyes
Watching in despair

I felt like a pain of heart
And the ache of parts
Feeling none but hurt

There were no eyes
But my tearful eyes
Deep inside the mirror shield

My words of oh so many
Along with thoughts of plenty
Were fleeting; ever fading
As if whispers through the valley

My passions, all my feelings
The hundred million meanings
Were blown and simply scattered
As though leaves in windy autumn

 I thought of many passions
Then pictured all the motion
Felt that heartburn of desire
Which would set my heart on fire

Through all the puzzled mazes
As I pondered in my silence
I figured what was missing
How I lacked a certain feeling

One of soothing
Not of seething

17 thoughts on “Dirty Pleasure

    1. oh my god Fer! you GOTTA be kidding me!!! you’re gonna love this:

      when I was writing this poem, and got all inspired, somewhere in my head someone (perhaps coldplay or even ME!!) was singing it to me, like a song!! damn 🙂 love you!!!

      1. well what do you know?….maybe you should send them your song!…or even better…i am sure in if you try to record it yourself, many will like it as well…!

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