What have you created in your life since the very beginning? Have you been there for those who have asked for your presence? What about those who never have but needed it regardless; have you been there for any of those?

What have you left of yourself in all the places you’ve set foot in? was it simply the scent of your cologne or the aroma of abundant heartfelt sensation? What have you given of yourself to the many souls you’ve met? Did you give them things which they would love and cherish; things that made their days brighter even though they didn’t know they needed them so badly.

What have you done in Life so far? Have you done things worth sharing? Have you been participating and contributing to the universe as much as you’ve been given-if not equal to?

We all have to grow and we all do to the extent that Life wants us to and the ever-blowing breeze of the universe allows and flows through each and every one of us. Our growth does come with a price just like everything else does. This price though, does not have to be a burden for those around us. The sooner we realize that our sorrow is ours, our pain is for only us and that alone-ness is a bittersweet inevitability in life, the less we have to any longer worry about all those things that hurt our heart and soul.

People are each other’s mirrors in many pieces; I see in you what you show me of my self and the same goes for you and that’s a really sweet thing; also necessary for growth. But let’s not forget that mirrors-in the end are only apparatus of reflection. It’s a good thing that mirrors are out there doing what they do best: reflecting; but you see, mirrors hold no burden; mirrors have no shoulder; let alone two!

The magnificent beauty of it all is that Life is filled with those swift, passing seconds which hold a lifetime of what lies beneath the surface of the mirror. Those moments where we all are but one; those times when only-for a fracture of a second our pain, our sorrow becomes something of the known, something so common and universal; and that’s when our pain IS no more, that’s when our soul could only weep for another and just give and fill and simply be.

The beauty of Life is hidden right there, where you learn to bear, care less so that you care for what actually is worth it. It is when your heart puts that smile on your lips and makes it flow all over the place where all the other thirsty souls are waiting for a true act of kindness; one that they can truly feel and embrace just for the sake of kindness itself; selflessly.

After all, this world is a place where love shall flourish and fill everyone with the only thing that has ever really mattered from the very beginning of this purpose called Life.

3 thoughts on “Vitality

  1. nice job there, one of those pieces made me think of my selfish life at least for a good few moments. to my regard life or whatever in it is of a service for me. well never thought of giving even when thought of being sank in crazy feelings like love never dared to express it due to the selfishness mentioned before. Ummm of the mirros, they are just fine younge man FINE with the way they are.they are made to be merely reflections, that’s all. hard to explain, as you said like some us being other’s reflection, which make us forget what we are is not us and we have been living for the sake of others never for ourselves, so i think i’m gonno keep living for myself.

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