Addiction: Bad, Fad or Simply Mad?

Well, to be addicted to the melody of the music of your taste; now that precisely means playing it again, again and well time and again! To the point that you’re one with the words and the rhythm and melody and simply put; the melodious harmony of music.

You see, when you’re feeling a little less than perfect or even pretty less than perfect, that’s when the lack of a rush is felt inside your veins and where the blood flows. That’s right around the corner of when a need is felt as well as the need to quench it. Yes, and that happens to be when addiction calls as the nature present in the universe.

The Lack of “need”

The rush and all its thrill blows like a wind and takes you away with it whether you like to let go or not! So us wise men, we take a step here and there—even if very shakily and stumblingly—and move forward towards the air that we so need to breathe.
After a few deep breaths we truly learn to let go of something so powerful; who needs any strength? The brave thing IS to see your weakness and be blown. And so we do precisely that!

Is it necessarily as bad as they say it is?

Well, do you like mirrors? Do you see what they have to resemble? Is the resemblance of great importance to you or is it just an everyday thing which your eyes pass all the time? If the beauty of the face, the smoothness of being soft and silky matters to you as much as it does, then prefect! Just go for it and complain none.

To be pretty is of utmost importance of course, but quite honestly, pretty is as pretty does and that kind of beauty can only be the outcome of something divine called the soul.

The upside to it all!

And yet, the single most effective thing that makes you all affective—if not efficient—and basically just lifts your ever-buoyant spirit is there to make the many ups and downs of your path to life smoother if only as little as it does.

So yes, the music does sound better when there is something more to what you hear and the ears become all blissful and in fact one with the music and the beats and all the rhythm gets you where the day stands much higher and so does your ever-flowing soul.

In a nut’s shell

Does it make you feel good? Is it something that’s lacked? Is this all you need if only for just right now? And are you willing to let go and be with the ever-breezing harmony of a lifetime? Then just fear the fear or not and do the one thing that thrills you if not to bits!

In the thousand islands of hazy dreams and sweetness of a swift breeze, just let the many waters of the universe be the current of your life and move you and take you where your soul ought to be.

Simply, let your wings grow and fill your lonely heart with the joy, the love of flying high in the many skies.

2 thoughts on “Addiction: Bad, Fad or Simply Mad?

  1. Sina, I stopped by this morning to let you know that your poem is on Poetic License today. Thanks again for letting me share it and I hope you come by and leave a comment on what you think of the other seven poems.

    1. hey Tom!

      I hope this comment finds you joyous. I checked out Poetic License and I really am grateful to be there.
      appreciate your kindness 🙂


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