Predominance of now

The aftermath of something that has not happened yet is driving me mad! This was not even established for the current purpose, but now this is what’s happening.

Something that will have happened many times as much as it has happened before.

In the end, everything that’s supposed to happen will and has happened; isn’t that something we all believe in more or less?

The water in the kettle has never been the same, I admit; yet, time and again it has been brought to a boil.

Even this loneliness is no news; it’s been here since forever, till forever more; and yet, each time, time and again, it hurts like hell and brings with it deep sorrow.

How amazing, the way this universe works and in such mysterious ways.

One year you experience the spring of your life in all its particular air. The season teaches you or you learn from it of love and many things in life.

The year after though, it’s the summer of your life. How orderly indeed.

What summer had for me, had in it the mystery of the autumn leaves flown in autumn nights, blown right through the breeze.

It was something new, an yet, it was the aftermath of something which had happened long long long ago; for as long as it had and as many times as it had and would for the many seasons yet to come.

3 thoughts on “Predominance of now

  1. just be happy of mentioning one point, we are living in the past there is no now on the Earth. how? easy, think of light, the light we are recieving doesn’t belong to now, it’s what has been sent long time ago.

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