Basic Decency

We don’t have to talk with words

Our actions speak in many colors

Our manner shows what our inner holds

And speaks so loud though we keep it hither

We show our inner, out in the open

Our outer lies though, at times, it’s okay

We speak of lies, of blue and purple

Our heart but glows with golden orange

I lie not now, I have never ever !

To me at times; to you but never

I utter none, though I do quite often

So close you ears, keep your eyes wide open

I play my part, I spill my heart

I do it every single minute

Just open up and read my message

Rip your soul and feel me damaged

I’m here today and I’ve become

What my thoughts are; what my actions are

See what I do and that’s who I am

That’s who I am; so, nice to meet you!

40 thoughts on “Basic Decency

  1. Great piece of literature. I would like to feature this poem on my site if you don’t mind. You will get full credit and a link back to your site. Despite the name of my blog, I do get visitors looking forward to the monthly feature, Poetic License. I just started in September and October is full however I would like to add you to the November post. Let me know if it is okay with you by emailing me. Thanks.

    1. hey!
      I really appreciate your kindness and interest. and OF COURSE it’s okay to put my poem on your website. I’d love it if I could get a chance to share it more and more and get feedback from others. that’s always a pleasure!!

      thanks once again and

      P E A C E

      1. Thank you very much Sina. I have added your poem and the link. The date is November 20th. I will do my best to drop by and remind you. I’m also planning something else that I would like you to participate in. More to follow…


  2. Wow !! Am glad i got to read you ! smiling at my luck 😉
    This was really wonderful !! something so simple a thought that you turned into a great post 🙂

    Keep up the good work. hope to read you every rally !!

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