Life shapes Lives

The very core of loneliness is in fact so peaceful and calm. It’s independent of the thousands of things that become your concerns every day and leave you feel dissatisfied and annoyed.

After being sociable and remaining a very social individual for as long as I can remember, today I realize and have for a while, how much we truly need people; that’s not much, not at all!!

More than anything, we do not need people’s trash which is a very massive part of their everyday mentality and they just really take pleasure in taking off the load and emptying it on you and your personality.

They do tend to empty their load of trash on you and your personality, whether you ask for it or not really; and this is something that I personally do not take so much pleasure in, you see.

And yet people are there every day to do that very thing; yes, for that, they’re always there; if only for that; and that’s all the time that they need you: every single day.

And as for you, needing them to be there, yes, that happens very rarely if ever. People really tend to suddenly disappear and not be there for you once you truly need them.

And they only disappear because they have to go and live their own lives obviously; and that’s just fine, absolutely okay. But then again, this very legit excuse does not make up for the fact that they suddenly leave you alone and are not there, does it?

Loneliness is indeed lacked for us all, that’s a very factual fact; and then we’re lonely and we see how alone one can get. That’s when you need someone if not a few to be there and to understand how it is to be there.

To go deep and how deep to go are not your primary concerns; but they’re there to push you forward and that’s just the silver lining I suppose. Not for everyone; for few if not very few though.

And we live life just as each and every one of us does; together or solo we live.

9 thoughts on “Life shapes Lives

  1. I spent a good deal of my life cooped up in the cab of a big truck and I can say that it sometimes gets lonely but when I would leave out with a problem on my mind I usually had a great solution by the time I got back home. I reached the point where I actually liked my self sometimes after the second year but I really had very little to talk about that didn’t concern the road and that is a sad situation. The whole time I was trucking I never communicated with friends I had known for many years…imagine not talking to many friends for 10 years and the communicating with them and having to explain why you broke off contact. The truth is really I had no reason other than I was all consumed in what I was doing. I know one thing though I am glad to have them in my life now…even if the do not allow much time for me at least I know they are alright.

    1. wow beautiful experiences man!
      thanks for sharing them with me. I have wondered many times what it would be like to do what you did. seems like such an introspective thing to do.

      Peace 🙂

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