Doing it

Right and wrong…right or wrong…doing the right thing and not doing the wrong thing…the first cause it’s right and the second cause it’s wrong…being the good guy or being the bad guy…to do good and to do bad.

This is the story of our lives. We do what feels right while fighting the urge of what seems to be bad or wrong. And so passes our many days of suppression and unfulfilled desires and dissatisfaction.

Then we get up one day and decide to do that thing which doesn’t feel so right in the beginning; then we experience doubt and resist the fear and decide to do it and see what happens. Then we do it. Then it feels so good and very right. Then we do it more and more and for the first time see the other side of all the suppression. Then it feels wrong again once more. So we don’t want to do it; difference is, this time we really want to, now we have the urge to do it and resisting it seems just so pointless and vain.

then we do it once more and see how good it was and still is and how amazing it still can be by each attempt and by each journey; now we realize this is what we were to do; right or wrong; if it feels this good and this right, it probably is. Or is it? Perhaps could be.

What does not doing the wrong thing prove? to whom? Does it prove that we’re doing good? Or does it only prove that we simply are not doing? Cause if it only means we’re not doing, it’s gonna sound like we’re not living, cause living, really is doing; either right or wrong.

And if it feels really good and we are in fact doing it again and again, then it should mean that we’re doing the right thing which would be all the right doing and just all the doing which would be living life.

But can we always be doing? Either the wrong or the right thing? At any given moment? Simultaneously? Is it possible to just do and live and feel right or perhaps even wrong?

Does all this confusion feel right?

Does simplicity feel wrong?

What’s right? What’s wrong? What does it matter? The doing’s taking place while we’re busy deciding. So let’s do the right thing and do the wrong thing.

You know it feels damn right!


14 thoughts on “Doing it

  1. The envelope contains the good (the known quantity). Curtain number 2 has the unknown quantity. I would choose the unknown because I’m curious and it might be more fun. Once you choose curtain #1 will you always choose the same? Or will you have regrets for having chosen the road more/less traveled? Thank you for asking interesting questions.

    1. yes Dan, at the end of the day, isn’t it all about that very choice between the two envelopes as U put it?
      thanks for sharing your thoughts


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