The feelings never lie; they just are not made that way; they remain true forever and more. They remain feelings, so real and so true.

Something that I felt more than years ago, still feels that way; it never feels different. It might be different, but it still feels the same; so true and so real, still in my heart, it feels the same.

I remember that very sweet night which was also a little scary and dark; there was this cool breeze in the air which at times would turn into this chill up and down my spine right to the core of my very delicate soul. It was there the whole night this feeling of stumbling fear and this shaky thrill. I had it for the whole night just as much as it had possessed me and my tumbling being.

Nights of fall tend to be that way for the most part; or at least quite often. They shake you up and down and give you fear, thrill or something of that kind, no doubt.

The sparks of the fireplace in the dim night were of significant overflow. The shaky shadows of the night playing games of shaky feel on the dimmed walls were just a narration to the whole dismal tale of exuberance. I would’ve sit and listened and I guess I did just that for a very major part of the night.

And I played along as well; or the excited soul of mine perhaps did. The smell of intense smoky joy in the air, or the sense of something so unknown and new, was also floating all around, as much as all the excitement and joy within.

Darkness with twists and turns inside and out, yes; this was what was omnipresent all through the curvy path; Beauty and silence and smooth music in the air.

The wintery feeling of an autumn night right after a very long summer day was all which sprung out of the timelessness of that day. And it left the heart, feel that feeling, forever; as long as it would beat the rhythm of the music in the air.

The heart took control and the skin and the bones and all those things turned into something bigger, something so beautiful; something you can only feel; something that the heart knows of so well.

And today, only the feelings are left in the air, whenever that music is heard, whenever the smoky aroma arrives and brings back the thrill of the heart and all the rush. Thanks to the heart, it can all be felt and the feelings, let’s not forget, are always true, always real and always there.

11 thoughts on “Heartfelt

  1. Oh, so true. I still am affected deeply by profound feelings of long ago. I can conjure them up at anytime and there they are–always with me. The heart never forgets.

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