My half-decorous poetry

Was all I had to offer, when

I stepped right in the dark room

And felt the dark take over

I swam across the dimmed room

And was about to become bare, when

I heard a voice and felt the moist

Which then wrapped me up in haven

I tried to get a taste of

The flesh which flowed all over

When I heard the smell of something

which then fed on me and lingered

It fed and fed and ravaged

All my flesh and all my being

It fed on me for hours

Until I stopped to let it

I stopped to let it do it

For as long as it had want to;

For had I haven’t done that

It would’ve never let go

I wanted it to be there

And to give me all the pleasure

It’s just I couldn’t handle

All the love and all the pressure

50 thoughts on “Quickie

      1. if you wish to accept, right click on the image of the award, choose save the image as, save each image to a file in your computer or desktop, then do a new post in your won blog, insert the award image to display…
        simply say: who give the award to you, thanks…
        if you wish to pass, mention blogs you wish to share the awards…
        have fun!

        glad to see you in our poetry potluck!

  1. “For had I haven’t done that

    It would’ve never let go”

    wow..that’s the wisdom line of the week..

    powerful, powerful writing here.

  2. steamy…. the shower picture was a nice touch too…. I smiled before even reading the poem.. the title and the shower said it all….. great work… I like your style and wit.

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