Essential Rebirth

Yes, so the day I decided to give up my soul to the devil or whoever it was that was interested in possessing it, I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for; but did it anyway.  You see, you ought to take risks of this kind in life sometimes; for the sake of that feeling of feeling different, that rush which just leaves you want more and more.

My soul was so innocent and beautiful and pure, and the next thing I knew, after a while, was that the whole thing was replaced by…well, evil! And this evil was something which I had either suppressed or had never got to know. It was now time to let go of the old soul. You know what they say: in with the new, out with the old. And this was exactly what had happened and I had let it only cause I wanted to.

New sounds were in the air, new smells I could sense, new faces along with the many new tastes they had to offer, and they were yet to come and go just like the limits of every single day. I could touch with all the skin I have; now, that’s a fantasy turn into reality and believe me, that is something rare.

Would you not know it if it were a time to break away from everything and let loose? Could you or even would you resist it? Cause I really didn’t want to; not this time around anyways!

Of our many chit chats with god, I mostly learnt about how the world works out and perhaps a little bit about living with others and finding out who they are;  But once the devil was here to share some thoughts here and there, I only learnt about myself and all the darkness inside, which was, by the way so very sweet and alive. The devil made me see so much so fast and so easy.

So in return, you see, I just had to give up my soul, the old soul that is. It felt like a very fair price to pay for something that rare. It was a time of dramatic change, a time for new steps never taken before.

I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out and frightened in the beginning; it was all so scary when I was having this being resurrecting right out of me; pure darkness, maddening even. You see, only cause it was all alien to me.

Who are we, really? Have you ever thought? What kind of matter makes us? What are we made of? Light or darkness? blood even? Speaking of which, have you ever tasted it? What? I grossed you out? See, that’s my point…we are always limited as long as we try to do otherwise. Our values do change every single day, sometimes as often as every hour. Then how can you cling to them for so long? For this long? Can you say that the values of your tomorrow are precisely the same ones as your yesterday’s? then, why all the fuss?

We have been the same for god only knows how long; I’d say a few lifetimes at least. Why stay that boring when life in fact is anything but that? life could be such a thrill, given you give it the chance and feel. This is not about being bad, or even about being evil. This is just about you, try to stop pretending and start doing.

Many of us, we call ourselves open minded while we in fact are everything but that; but the thing is, we only know it deep deep down and that’s our little secret, is it not? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with everyone else, for their very much used to keeping secrets of their own, and guess what? Everyone’s secret’s the same: we are liars!

All I’m saying is, let’s just try for a short period of time, even as short as a day or two, to be a little more evil, a bit bad and definitely a tad more open minded. The world and all it’s cracked up to be, is not here right in front of your eyes; it’s all out there, in the dark among all the never-ending mysteries. But trust me, trust your instincts, for we’re all one, that you won’t regret feeling alive.

After all, I didn’t really “give up” my soul to the devil, I actually got it back from the devil, along with something very real, something bigger, something great.

If words could talk in an audible way, you’d hear a very evil laughter right about now and it would echo.

14 thoughts on “Essential Rebirth

  1. I absolutely believe that we humans possess both devil and “angel” in us. Even, I, have purposely explored this dark side at times, (perhaps with just a little toe dipped in) wanting to be “bad”.

    What a rush!

    I really liked this, Sina. (I can’t read Farsi, though the characters are beautiful).

    1. it is true what u said !! I’m glad U like the Farsi characters; it’s really a beautiful language; although, as an Iranian, I’m better with words in English, it’s a shame :p

      1. Thanks for agreeing–I really think it’s true about us all.

        That’s interesting that you know English better than your native language. Farsi truly is very beautiful in it’s written form–like artwork.

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