Lovesick as in Homesick


Flowers are part of pretty nature

This nature that flows inside us and leaves us filled with love.

Then the light and warmth linger

And we’re left with something even more fulfilling than love.

The feeling of a single second of rapture

Is all there is to feel when you’re feeling this really sweet love.

It’s all there is for you to be with and not without

The single moment of daring and desire

That lonely moment of peace and quiet

When the rest of the world is out to play

When they’re all away to play, you stay

Just to play the lonely game

The game is called but love today

This game you love to play

My love for you shall ever be even when you’re away

When you’re away, either you play or not

I’ll be always game for all you say

I’ll care for you as long as I can

As long as you want, I’ll stay

I’ll be there for you sweet lover

For all I want is you

And if destiny or something else

Would part our ways at times,

It’s just for us to realize

Just how much we want to be with

To be with and to do things

That we do while we’re alone

The games we play and all that shit

We do when we’re alone.

24 thoughts on “Lovesick as in Homesick

    1. Jingle! now I can see what you’re actually doing!!it’s beautiful, to find a way to connect us even more and share our souls with one another.just want to thank you for doing something SO big. Peace!!

  1. reminded me of my relatively younger years (about…five years ago) 😀

    what i hoped to write but couldn’t really pen…it’s all here.

    1. oh my god! Reetam! I don’t know how to thank you for even mentioning my name! it means very very much to me my sweet dear friend 🙂
      may very happy days be upon you

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