Theory No More

I have quite a few theories in mind which I’ve had for some time; a lifetime! My theories, in my mind were always close to perfection although all were less than perfect. But they were my theories and I respected each and every one of them regardless. There were people who’d listen to my theories and share a common interest and then we’d be people who shared the same theories, the same interests. A bunch of theorititians living a life based on theories which all shared one thing: probability!

The possibility of this taking place right here right now and the possibility of it not taking place the next moment. That was all we’d ever talk about and live by.  This way you never had to live with few possibilities in this world of endless options ad infinitum.

Today most if not all my theories have been proven scientifically; more or less of course. Science authorizes your theories somehow although it’s actually empiricism which does it first. Once you come up with a theory, then you try to live that theory empirically and one day you actually hear it’s been proven scientifically; which means a bunch of guys, all scientists have actually thought of that theory as something of significance, of importance; they have taken time out of their hectic schedules to study that and to do research and all those scientific stuff they’re really good at just to see for themselves and to show everybody else how those theories are not just theories anymore; that they actually amount to something more real. Now, that’s  something comforting.

One of these theories I always had all through the course of my life was the theory that if something in your head was suppose to happen in a particular way but didn’t for some reason, it actually DID happen the other way that it didn’t; but perhaps in a parallel universe or something. I mean the possibility of it was perhaps so viable that it simply had to have happened.

That’s why the other day, while I was on the cab, on my way home on that weirdly sunny evening as I was sitting on the front seat, I thought for a second that the man who was sitting on the back seat had the intention of killing me just for the hell of it. Well, obviously I did not know of his intentions. But he really did want to kill me. It was the possible moment of my death, it truly was. All I could sense was the blinding rays of evening sun light and a very sharp smell of smoked sausage which was the smell of his hands which at that very moment was mixed with the smell of his sweat. He had a very sharp piece of rigged tin in his right hand and was just about ready to get hold of my throat with his left hand while he’d slit it with his right. I could almost feel the feeling of suffocation and the sharp tin cutting right through my flesh. The fear had possessed all my body and I was sweating and shaking with terror.

Yes, that was the possibility of the moment of my death which in fact happened; it just didn’t happen to be in this world where we’re currently living I suppose. It took place elsewhere; in a place that I do not know of for some reason or another.

The guy killed me and I died that day and nothing can ever change that; this was a theory put into practice and I lived it and I instantly felt it and knew it.

But you see, today I’m alive, that guy didn’t really kill me; in fact when I eventually turned back and looked at the guy, I realized he was the kind of guy who has probably never even killed an ant or anything like that; one of those really harmless guys. But I do not know of his theories you see. Whether he believes in some kind of theory of possibilities or probabilities of any kind; no I do not know that; to me he could’ve been a killer; my killer and that day he did kill me and I died. He helped prove yet another one of my many theories and that was really thoughtful of him. May peace be upon him and may I rest in peace.

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