Kosmetik Malfunction

My hair felt very dry when I touched it. Before, it had been much softer and silkier and it would go in all directions in a crazy way that I liked. Perhaps I should start using conditioner again; it always makes your hair feel very soft and smooth. Then I should call her up and tell her how I really feel. I should tell her how I really want to talk to her while I touch her hair and play with it. She has really smooth hair; it’s very long too. I’d like to play with her soft hair and then kiss her on the lips. Then I’d want her to want to kiss back. I want to arouse her and leave her wanting more.

Yes, probably I should just call her up and tell her how much I want to make love to her. We should sleep together; she knows it. There’s this part of our soul which has stayed unshared and although I’ve managed to get over her love, I haven’t got over her lust at all and she knows it very well now. She plays one of her many games with me. I hate that; I do take a very minor pleasure, the sadist that I am myself but overall. I just wish she’d stop fucking around. It’s not like we have much time left. I’ve had enough of her shit and just want her in my arms. The beast has been unleashed and something so wild has escaped Pandora’s box.

I never thought something like this would happen to me, especially with her. But as it turns out, I just need to sleep with her and as for her, I’m sure if she takes a very small step, she’d always run back to me. We would lie in bed and kiss and more and eventually I’ll be playing with her hair and there would be times she’d be playing with mine. And for the sake of those moments my hair should feel soft against her fingertips. Yes, I wouldn’t want her to go through any harsh sensations. I should go and get a very good conditioner soon.

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