Pumping Poetry

The poetry of the heart cannot stay inside for much longer; it has to come out and flow in the breeze of the hours of the day.

It cannot linger much longer where it’s not sung in all its glory and lively tune; it has to be sung where everyone’s willing to sing along.

Where people have truly learnt to let go, that’s where this melody is to be heard at any given moment of life; be it magical or not; for indeed, there aren’t any moments in life which are not magical.

Every single moment is, some more so.

The poetry of the heart is an addiction of some kind in fact; It’s there to get you all wound up and leave you the most satisfied you’ve ever been.

In order to feel, you need to be only a poet at heart and let go of no desires of the heart while you’re letting go of all.

Your soul has to stay unattached to anything of fear and doubt; There is no time to hesitate once you’re inside a poem so divine.

The poetry of the heart is love itself intertwined with something more that’s unheard of; This thing is very real though.

Like a single sentence, a mere collection of words put together, that suddenly turns your world upside down and leaves you dumbfounded, empty.

The poetry of the heart is pure bliss if you ask me; if you ask anyone else, it’s just euphoria of some kind which is close enough if you’re not here to fuck around.

Your heart has to sing a song; a song of many different words and tunes that only your soul knows how to devour; a song so beautiful, you could only cry while you’re smiling.

That song is already playing out there; or somewhere deep inside.

All we have to do is join in, sing along, dance and simply love and let go.

We simply have to be left with none but the life that flows right through.

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