No Ordinary Day

Our values change quite often; as often as every day sometimes. that is, if you’re one of those ever-changing or as some might call it “unstable” spirits. anyhow, I guess the point is not to hold on to one certain value, or one of your present values so tightly just to be on the safe side and or to avoid any kind of regrets if you’re the whiny type.

like this morning I woke up quite early; not because I had any special plans or some work to do, but only to have a few extra hours when the air is still fresh and the sun is full of morning ray. I headed out and started walking in the streets for a while; thinking how beautiful the early hours of the day really are; how full of energy and encouraging the rays are.

as I was walking, I tried to plan my whole day out mentally; not that this is what I usually do, but for today I decided to do so, only to feel a little organized or something. I realized I would walk for a little more and eventually get some toast and head home to have a nice, relaxing breakfast just to officially start the day. I did so. I came home and had the coffee brewed and prepared the toasts and butter and later took some time sipping my freshly-brewed coffee.

I suddenly had to think of the most important thing in my life at that moment; that thing was sharing of course; the only thing that really gave meaning to my life and made me go through every day full of hope and laughter. yes, sharing was my current value, if I can really call it my “current” value, for it had been there for quite some time now if not always! yes, the thing that mattered to me the most in this world was sharing of any kind; you know, when you meet someone and you know you just want to get to know them better by saying things you wouldn’t normally say to anyone; that kind of sharing.

I realized I had been quite lucky in my life, meeting if even a very few whom I could really share with. I really had been lucky, and have been. but you see, sometimes it’s just not about you anymore, it’s just all about the sharing itself. sometimes I feel like I can’t share quite as much as I should; quite as much as it’s needed to be out there, shared. and this pains my heart and all that.

this is when I got somehow restless and was starting to feel some kind of down mood or depression if you will coming my way; and so I decided to keep busy making some lunch. I already knew what I was about to make; for the most part at least. I decided to make soup. there were a few things in it: uh…red lentils, crushed wheat, brown rice, lime, peppers: green and black, turmeric and some thyme. oh yes, and some sea salt just to bring out the flavor. I mean, people always nag about being a vegetarian and all that; they talk about how vegetarians are really mad somehow and that they don’t get enough nutrition and get all weak and thin. I personally became a vegetarian in a very long course and little by little.

I mean, I wasn’t one of those people who wakes up one morning and condemns everyone who eats meat and calls them a murderer or something. no, with me it all started around three years ago, when I developed this minor hatred towards red meat, this terrible feeling of indigestion and all that; as if my own body was telling me to steer clear of red meat. I would eat chicken and sea food for a while and then within the next couple of months chicken was out and after a year or so it was sea food’s turn. and now for the last year, no meat; nada. anyhow what I’m saying is, ever since I’ve read and have been reading all these books and articles about food and nutrition so that my body gets all it needs and I have been feeling perfectly healthy and all that.

but you see, It was a value of yesterday and it just seems all so pointless to try to convince people to be healthy and all that I guess. I mean, I wish everyone would start having a vegetarian diet and all but they don’t want to right? I don’t try so much these days; because I know values can change very swiftly; no matter how solid they might seem at the moment.

anyhow, back to sharing. well, like I said, I just love to share at any given point; I mean, my life is all about sharing really; I mean if you really want to know the truth I guess life itself is all about sharing not just my life. of course it would only be possible if you tried to be a bit receptive and open-minded of course. I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far in life is that, values change! regardless of whatever we like to think. that’s a big lesson to me, it really is.

so…it’s just midday now and about twelve hours remain of this beautiful day with all its magical possibilities. now though, I’d like to go and have my very delicious, very nutritious soup.

get your laughing gear round this !

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