Fishy Bowl


Demons of the early hour

Gather round me to discover;

What the shades of joy and glory

Had hidden and made all blurry

Demons of the after hour

Came once more and took me higher

Once I tried to have them over

All my sorrow started over

Like a dreary daze of mystery

My happiness was all history

The remaining moment of calm

Had just vanished off my palm

The gold fish in the fish bowl

Had been there for a while;

The worry of it slipping

Had been something of beguile

It slipped away and wasn’t there

It flew away and wasn’t near

The memory of my happiness,

Yet stayed there in the bowl

It swam around all slippery

I wondered if it were to be

Just a little more

In the mystic fishy bowl

12 thoughts on “Fishy Bowl

    1. thank you Jingle !
      love what you do and who you are.
      it’s beautiful

      for sure I’ll sign in for next week !!

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