Love Consent

It’s really a bad feeling when your heart’s stuck somewhere; when it’s stuck with someone whom you cannot be with for so many reasons. You can never be the lover you are with them with anybody else and therefore you can’t love any other person the way they deserve it and also the way you really are capable of loving them. All because your heart is stuck with that special someone whom you cannot have as your lover. The only person that truly deserves your love cannot have it because they either don’t know it yet or it could be that they simply don’t want it or so they think. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter, for the only thing that matters is that your embrace is not the place they want to be or so they think…

It pains very much and it burns your heart oh so harshly and it wounds your soul; but you see; none of it really matters because they don’t want your love; they want to be loved in the arms of another even though they see your burning heart and your brimming desire or so you think.

Love of a very devoted lover is always overlooked and the beloved knows not of their secret passion until it’s too late and that love has possibly turned into hatred or that’s what you think. You want to tell them, but you don’t see the point of doing so because you know that somehow deep down they know and this doubt is perhaps all you’ve lived with for god only knows how long and it has been fun at the end of the day just to have this hope and live with it or so you think…

When you really love someone, you are half complete and if by any chance they let you love them just the way you want to, the best way they have ever been loved, only then would you be able to make them complete and be left with none yourself cause you’ve given it all to them and have filled them with your emptiness. That’s the kind of love you want to give them. If only they would know…alas. A love so rare and so passionate beyond all of the best possibilities in their mind, yes; that’s the kind of loving your capable of; only for that special someone or so you think…

It’s so painful to love someone this much, with all your heart and know that they are not capable of letting you love them; just letting you love them. You want no love in return; you just want them in your arms, to caress them so passionately and hear the divine melody of passion and love echoing from their beautiful soul, that’s all you want. You see, you don’t want much for yourself in the very end, you just want them to let you love them and that’s all. If they can see that love, that brimming passion, then and only then will they see. They deserve no less than your love; they’ll receive such love nowhere and with no one else until the end of time and that’s something you know for sure.

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