Our Lovely Little Cage

Many things they have killed in me throughout all these years. Many joyous feelings they have diminished, suffocated. Many dreams they have talked of in reality. Many hopes they have  forced to be shattered. Many wishes they have made sure to remain that way.

They have used only harsh words when they have really meant it and have used delicate words only when they have meant otherwise.

At a time of dire need they have kept me afar and left me alone in my loneliness and whenever I’ve yearned for a little space they have suffocated me in their embrace.

At a time of pure health and life they’ve called me sick and a fledgling while when I’ve had real pain they’ve accused me of being ungrateful.

They’ve been proud of what they’ve made of me in their head and if even for a second I am what  I really am, what I want to be, I’m not known to them and they’d call me a stranger; hence my constant self-alienation.

My dreams have been sacrificed for a very phony love or connection just as much and as well as their lives which have been “sacrificed” for what appears to be my “dreams and hopes”.

The irony of it all is the only thing that’s left of this game of love and hate. This struggle which has dragged and dragged since forever.

Now though, I can see clearly what it has done to us all. It’s high time a single person took desperate measures and finally opened new doors.

All the things that have laid the dust of sadness on our lives must be blown away by something bigger, by something more real; by the only real thing there is; real love or plain honesty, for the pain of lies is no longer  tolerable!

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