Love’s Last Words

The way of the happy people is perhaps all we’re after in life; we read books, watch films and seek any possible way to understand more about ways that would make us happy. Happiness is our myth and mystery in life; something so rare and invaluable to anyone; to the majority of people. For we only think of a very minor minority who have truly found it, mastered it and are living a life of happiness. Some define it as success and some as true love; these two would be the most sought-after criteria of happiness indeed. I have always thought of it as inner peace and the joy of the heart; pure bliss. This being said, you can imagine that I consider myself among the majority and not the minority whatsoever; which is really a shame. it’s  a very saddening, shame so to speak. Because you see, when I really think about it, when I look back I see many happy days. Tons of beautiful moments and memories, all shining, all bright; Thousands of sunny days all filled with love, hope, sharing and joy; Many smiles and sound of laughter and cries of pure joy.

In retrospect, all I can really see without the thought interfering of course, is beautiful; is magnificent and truly splendid. I do see love when I look back as well as success. I have given so much and have received a massive amount in return, always! I have cried for many and have put smiles on numerous lips along with the many kisses that I’ve given to lovers and friends. I’ve touched with all my passion and have heard many sighs of pleasure. I have touched a few souls here and there, in retrospect seems like thousands. I’ve been given pleasure like no one ever would and have heard the melody of love in a place where no one would ever go. I’ve touched the spirit of nature, in all the many colors which our numerous, countless. And I have sang with the music which has forever played, heard only by a few. I have really looked into the eyes of people and have let them see my soul. I have given all my love and yes, there’s more to come.

So you see, I really cannot say, even if I really wanted to, that I have been, if even for a single moment unhappy in my life; or sad. No, a spirit like mine knows not of pain and sorrow, of sadness and hurt. I know only of love and happiness and bliss. I’m not someone special. I’m not a “happy person”. I’m just a wandering soul, a fleeting spirit of joy that touches and goes and fades and leaves nothing behind but love. I can’t be anything but that; cause that’s just what I am. You can only hate me if you hate love and hating love…? Well I’d love you regardless, for I won’t be here for long.

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