Knock Knock

A muffled sound had been around in the air, resounding for the last couple of days; you can tell at times like these that something is coming, or someone even; a guest to stay for as long as they ought to.

I used to have a sweet old friend someday in the time which has now passed and this good friend of mine, I would cherish everyday; this sweet companion would be there not to be with me; but just to be there living as this splendid being that I would idolize everyday without this presence knowing of my feeling of appreciation.

You came one day and on that very fateful day you did turn my life as I had known it upside down to something of mere meaning and concept and life and you made all the seconds worth it for as long as you were there doing what you did best; being there for the sake of being the only being I had ever learnt living from in the most subtle way.

I had a new friend from that day on, a lively spirit I would wake up to every day full of power and love; full of something so new and so warming at heart. I had not known of a spirit so real and so rare; I could only sit for days and watch the life of this flow of energy living so scattered in timelessness and placelessness; dotted everywhere in the vast place called the universe; I adored this friend and dearly loved this spirit.

You came running  back to me once you were back to life as you had known it. I was ready to welcome you back and had all these stories to share with you; of life and of love and of living and simply being. I wanted to give you all that I had gained and be left with none but your love in return and then I saw that you were just as lonely and cold and that you yourself were after something more real; but our realities collided and left us once more where we were in the first place; waiting.

And the muffled sound turned to be more clear, a little louder; and in you came. With your strange air of je ne sais quois which just unraveled by the second right in front of my eyes and left me speechless once more. I opened up to you as much as you opened your heart towards me and we were one once more as if for the millionth time; although it was the very first time. I had known of this love before somewhere far at sea. But now you were here, right at the door, looking at me for a second and then looking away. I had not known of a friend so dear; and yet you were there.

Now we are both waiting in silence. I think I hear a muffled sound in the air around us; sounds like the sound of knocking on a door.

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